Jewelry is one of the arts to seek beauty—we, LA FÉLICITÉ think so. Our aim is to create “beauty” at the higher level by fusing jewelry and other arts, such as music, painting, and cuisine. We take time to discuss your jewelry with you; we design a unique jewelry and highly skilled craftsmen create it. It is designed to suit you; therefore, you will be fully satisfied with it. We offer not only jewelry but also decorations and jewelry for pets, which probably match your sophisticated lifestyle. All items are beautifully designed and made with great care; they will match your rooms. Well, as you may know, ‘LA FÉLICITÉ’ means ‘bliss, perfect happiness’. Have you heard the street named ‘LA FÉLICITÉ’, in the 17th district, Paris, France? When you visit here, you will enjoy peaceful time and be filled with joy. ‘Feeling joyful’・・・ Similarly, we hope you take grate delight in coming our Salon de LA FÉLICITÉ. I look forward to meeting you. LA FÉLICITÉ CEO Mariko Satake

Jewelry Designer / LA FÉLICITÉ CEO Mariko Satake Mariko Satake graduated from Toho Gakuen School of Music (the Piano Course); then, she studied at Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris in France and obtained the ‘Diplôme supérieur’ with honors. She experienced as a pianist for four years: winning international competitions in Europe, performing at the Salzburg Festival and so on. While she toured with the orchestra around European countries, she learned broadly jewelry art, and then started jewelry designing. After returning, she launched her brand, LA FÉLICITÉ and opened her Salon de LA FÉLICITÉ in Horoo, Tokyo.